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Self-Reliance and Survival with Big John Lipscomb

This week on the show, my guest will be homesteader, survivalist and educator; Big John Lipscomb. John joined the patriot movement in 1991 when he began his simple lifestyle in the rugged mountains of Montana where for nearly a decade he and his wife and three children lived the pioneer life inside a 320 square foot plastered straw bale cabin without electricity or running water. They were able to supply 90% of their own food by… raising livestock, growing a heritage garden, hunting and fishing. They lived on approximately $2,000 annually.

Today, they live in a 550 square foot cabin in the Ozarks of southeastern Kansas where they own and operate several self-reliance related businesses and publish a magazine called New Homesteading.

Many people came to know Big John during his two year radio program called- Don’t Tread On Me! John introduced the SURVIVAL GARDEN SYSTEM to patriots in 1995 and in 2009 he taught Alternative Housing at Pittsburg State University, KS.

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